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Currently the company has over 200+ retail and whole shops available in Accra that the company is looking forward to supply to. Just to mention a few, below are some of the clients that the company have worked with.

  • Mawums LTD
  • CIMAF cement Ghana
  • Meridian logistics engineering
  • Reputation limited
  • Anointed start engineering
  • Eden procurement service
  • UEW education
  • PR engineering limited
  • Other individual

Electrical Cables & Steel Pipes

All types of Electrical Cables

We are fully equipped to supply excellent Low and High Voltage Power Cables in accordance to all international and local standards. They are also available with both aluminum and copper conductor based on application or customer preference.

Some of the cables we supply include:

  • NM Cables
  • UF Cables
  • THHN/THWN Wires
  • Low-Voltage Wires



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All Shapes of Stainless Steel Pipes

We are devoted to providing the best solutions for our customers in Accra, kumasi, Takoradi, Sunyani, Cape Coast etc. as well as the biggest industrial and commercial cities of Ghana. We will meet the immediate and long term stainless steel pipe requirements across the republic of Ghana.

Some pipes we supply include:

  • stainless steel square pipes
  • stainless steel rectangular pipes
  • stainless steel decorative or polished pipes
  • stainless steel condenser tubes
  • stainless steel heat exchanger tubes

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About Us

Rich Pathway Enterprise differentiate itself from its competitors through convenience, service, target market selection, and personalization. The Company plans to incorporate a “click and mortar” approach, combining the convenience and flexibility with the “human touch” of a 24-hour customer service agent.



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